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- Pedestrian plaza 2 (1:05)

Soundscape in a pedestrianized square in Chartres (France).

- Trade grid: Closed (0:18)

Closure of a metallic grid of commerce. Some speech sounds.

- Acceleration Aston Martin (0:06)

Acceleration of an Aston Martin.

- Output of the Cathedral (3:50)

Soundscape to the output of the mass. In front of the Cathedral of Chartres (France). Sound of an organ inside the Cathedral.

- Cathedral: Voice and Organ (1:19)

In the cathedral of Chartres (France). A person singing and someone playing the organ. Noise strollers and children.

- Slaps (0:11)

Slapping noise.

- Bones cracking (0:38)

Bones cracking noises made with a sprig of celery. The technical www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_123

- Wind (1:29)

Wind noise. Made with a technique Foley easy www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_122

- High frequency continuous buzzer (0:05)

High frequency continuous buzzer. There is a buzzer of walkie talkie on a wooden table.

- Low frequency continuous buzzer (0:04)

Low frequency continuous buzzer. There is a buzzer of walkie talkie on a wooden table.

- Brita jug flow (0:26)

Flow of water into a pitcher Brita filtration.

- Walkie talkie: Conversation (0:25)

Background noise of conversation on a walkie talkie Midland G7. 9x.

- Walkie talkie: Keypad tones (0:09)

Keypad tones of a walkie talkie Midland G7. 12x high and 1x low.

- Walkie talkie: Start (0:10)

Starting a walkie talkie Midland G7. 6x.

- Vinyl disc: End (0:14)

Stopping an LP turntable. Crunches.

- Vinyl disc: Start (0:04)

Starting an LP turntable. Crunches.

- Pop-Pop Boat (0:22)

This is the sound of a Pop-Pop boat, a small boat powered water vapor. To see video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lytLNGaWGw

- Bells of Santa Claus (0:25)

Noise of bells that are fixed on Santa's reindeer.

- Tennis Ball: Bounce (0:37)

A tennis ball bounces on the ground.

- Four dice in hand (0:12)

Four dice are shaken in the hand.

- Four dice on wooden table (0:22)

Four dice are thrown on a wooden table.

- Two dice on wooden table (0:27)

Two dice are thrown on a wooden table.

- Tombstone: Opening (0:23)

Tombstone that opens by sliding. Learn to make this sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_120

- Supermarket: cash registers (1:25)

Supermarket atmosphere. Faced with cash registers.

- Supermarket (0:53)

Supermarket atmosphere. The sound is stereo, but very unbalanced. Cash registers are left.

- Electric metronome (0:06)

Plastic electric metronome beating a tempo of 120 beats per minute.

- Canvas bag on floor (0:07)

A canvas bag thrown on the floor. 9x.

- Belt buckle (0:06)

Leather belt buckle. Some handling noise.

- Truck: Passage on a wet floor (0:34)

Passage of a dump truck on a wet floor.

- Whoosh 2 (0:12)

Whoosh of a sword or an arrow through the air. Learn how to make this sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_116

- Whoosh 1 (0:10)

Whoosh of a sword that cuts through the air. Learn how to make this sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_116

- Cassette Player: Cassette (0:37)

Sound of a cassette player. Opening the door, noise cassette, closing the door, opening the door, noise cassette trapdoor. twice

- Cassette Player: Play and Pause (0:14)

Sound of a cassette player. Reading, and 3 manual breaks, and stop.

- Cassette Player: Forward and End (0:12)

Cassette Player: Forward and End.

- Cassette Player: Forward and Stop (0:07)

Cassette Player: Forward and Stop. Twice.

- Cassette Player: Rewind and End (0:11)

Cassette Player: rewind and end. Twice.

- Cassette Player: Rewind and Stop (0:07)

Cassette Player: rewind and Stop. Twice.

- Cassette Player: Play (0:26)

Sound of a cassette player. Play and Stop. Twice.

- The SNCF Jingle 2 (0:03)

The present jingle at the station, we hear in the stations before the ads.

- Liquid flowing over the soil (0:09)

Liquid flows over the land or with little grass. Water or even urine.

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