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- Djembe: Hand rubbing (0:24)

Hand rubbed on the skin a djembe.

- Djembe: hand on the edge (0:14)

Hand hitting the edge of a djembe. x11.

- Djembe: Hand flat in the center (0:11)

Flat hand strikes the center of a skin djembe. x7.

- Saw wood (0:12)

A wood saw cutting a piece of wood.

- Klaxons (inside car) (0:10)

Inside a car. Several shots horns.

- Cars (interior. off) (0:33)

Inside a car stopped. Motor starting and stopping.

- Cars: Passages (1:10)

6 passages of different cars at speeds between 70 and 90 km/h.

- Forest at night after rain (0:29)

Soundscape. Night in the forest after the rain. Highway noise away.

- Rope (0:29)

Noise of a rope. An arc or hanged.

- Jackhammer on concrete 2 (1:19)

Sound of a jackhammer on concrete. The sound is taken in a small room at 30 cm.

- Jackhammer on concrete (1:21)

Sound of a jackhammer on concrete. The sound is taken in a small room at 1 meter.

- Balloon: burst (0:03)

3 balloons bursting.

- Exploding bang-snaps (0:03)

Crackers, snappers, whippersnappers, pop-its, bang-snaps: Throwing firecrackers on the ground. They contain small amounts of silver fulminate and gravel. 4 clicks.

- Archery (0:01)

An arc noise shooting an arrow (x2)

- Arrow on Target (0:04)

Arrow bow that hangs in a straw target (x6).

- Cap cider (0:01)

Sound of a cap cider jumps.

- Cow moos (0:17)

5 mooing of a cow. It seemed to call goats with which I walked. Slight background noise.

- Metal bucket (0:20)

Noise of handling of a metal bucket.

- Manual water pump and metal bucket (0:46)

Sound of a metal bucket, then pumping using a small hand pump, and the sound of water filling the metal bucket and bucket noise.

- Chalk on blackboard (0:23)

Several noise of chalk on a blackboard.

- Creaking barn door (0:27)

Learn how to make a squeaking sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_46

- Barn door wooden (0:36)

Opening and closing of a heavy wooden barn door.

- Badminton (0:09)

4 shots on a racket ball badminton

- Ax on wood (0:19)

Ax on a large tree trunk.

- AC cobra engine (0:25)

Motor starting AC Cobra 427 and extinction. Emmanuel car: www.libertivi.com/mecaniquesdantan_105

- Scooter passage (0:06)

Noise of rapid passage of a scooter.

- Shotgun: Shots (0:06)

5 shots, recorded during a skeet shooting. Echo of the shot in the plain.

- Paintball: Game 1 against 1 (1:04)

Game on a paintball field, one against one. Vacant Land in forest edge: Songs flies, insects, wind, etc..

- Paintball: Shots (0:03)

Paintball shots. Impact noise on wood.

- Pedestrian plaza 1 (1:34)

A hundred people on the square Marceau of Chartres (Paris) on the terraces of bars.

- Gas station: Service (1:06)

A person uses the pump at a gas station.

- Creaking parquet (0:17)

Gnashing of floating floors.

- Wooden chair that falls on carpet (0:27)

Sound of a wooden chair backrest which falls on a carpeted floor, 7 times.

- Footsteps (running in shoes on concrete) (0:10)

A man is running on a concrete floor.

- Van moving slowly (0:14)

A small dump truck Fiat Ducato type passes slowly (about 20km/h), slowing down to my level before walking away.

- Neighing horse (0:10)

3 horse neighing.

- Small waterfall (0:28)

Sound of a small waterfall of mill.

- Office of Chartres Cathedral (4:58)

Short passage from the office on Thursday evening in the cathedral of Chartres, in front of 20 faithful and very few visitors. The office is amplified throughout the cathedral.

- Small propeller plane (0:15)

Small propeller plane.

- Tire squeal (0:30)

17 screeching tire. Turn in a parking or little slippage.

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