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- Cutter (0:18)

Determine when a noise extends or retracts the blade.

- Toaster (0:23)

Loading two slices of bread, then expulsion slices. 7 times.

- Singing Rooster 1 (0:02)

A "Cocorico" cock only. He did not want to sing when I started the recorder.

- Emptying a bath (0:47)

Removing the drain of a bath.

- Shot in .357 Magnum (9mm) (0:03)

A single shot of .357 Magnum. fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Magnum

- Shot Beretta M12 (9mm) (0:03)

One shot a Beretta M12 9mm.

- Purring cat (0:10)

Purring of a cat male 8 months. Noise is a serious and very dry. It was recorded at 10cm in front of the muzzle may be a bit too much and too close to the axis ... Light wind in the treble.

- Robotic sci-fi noise (0:08)

Sound science fiction that could be attributed to a robot.

- Outdoor swimming pool (0:50)

Sound around an outdoor pool.

- Battery joke (0:05)

The drum fill for when somebody tells a joke in a stand-up comic or a show.

- Pink Noise (0:19)

Pink noise or 1/ noise (sometimes also called flicker noise) is a signal or process with a frequency spectrum such that the power spectral density (energy or power per Hz) is inversely proportional to the frequency: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pink_noise

- Chick 2 (chirping) (0:19)

This is a bantam chick and has 3 weeks. A chick squeals like that when he is alone, he calls his mom or another chick to keep him company.

- Chick 1 (chirping) (0:20)

Squeals of "Chicken" (his name), my little chick. This is a bantam chick. It has 3 weeks. A chick squeals like that when he is alone, he calls his mom or another chick to keep him company.

- Squeaker toy (0:05)

Toy for baby. This noise is also common in toys for dogs.

- Nocturnal insect 3 (0:23)

Song of unidentified nocturnal insect.

- Nocturnal insect 2 (0:14)

Song of nocturnal insect not clearly identified.

- Nocturnal insect 1 (0:03)

Song of nocturnal insect not clearly identified.

- Flush 3 (0:49)

Sound of a toilet flushing. Very good recording quality. Author's voice at the beginning;)

- Pop-Corn: Corn bursting (0:57)

Noise corn popcorn bursting in a pan on a hot plate. Means the wriggling little oil and corn which explodes and tape against the cover.

- Spoon in a mug empty (0:52)

Noise movements of a spoon in a mug empty. The mug is placed on a wooden kitchen table.

- Spoon into a mug of coffee (0:49)

Noise movements of a spoon in a mug of strong coffee senseo. The mug is placed on a wooden kitchen table.

- Stainless steel fork falls (0:15)

Noise of a fall (x10) a range of stainless steel type cutlery on the ground Damette of terracotta kitchen.

- Tablespoon stainless falls (0:17)

Noise of a fall (x10) a large stainless steel spoon on the floor of a kitchen.

- Teaspoon stainless falls (0:19)

Noise of a fall (x11) a teaspoon of the type covered in stainless steel on the floor terracotta.

- Nokia 6300 buzzer in one hand (0:04)

Noise is a Nokia 6300 buzzer when it is in hand.

- Tent or curtain shower (0:25)

Noise made by the friction of a shower curtain with your fingers. It is also the noise of a tent when rubbed in the same way.

- Shot of Winchester Magnum XTR (0:03)

One shot of Winchester Magnum XTR model

- The SNCF Jingle 1 (0:04)

A faithful reproduction of the SNCF jingle that you hear on the stations before the ads.

- Handmade dishes (2:01)

My mom does the dishes in hands.

- Mewing kitten 3 weeks (0:10)

Kitten (name: Agata) about 3 weeks meowing (cry?) 7 times. The environment is very noisy, I had to extract the meowing to ax;)

- A mirror explodes (0:02)

Noise of a mirror thick (1cm) sitting on a wooden border where we throw a heavy object (in this case salt) and that is break the mirror collapses.

- Lock and big key (0:17)

7 Opening and closing a lock with a big key type "old gate". The lock on a wooden door.

- feet (slipper on floor) (0:09)

13 man feet in slipper on old wooden floors.

- Mewing kitten 2 months (0:12)

Mewing of a kitten 2 months that we take in his arms.

- Children in the street (0:28)

About 25 children, two teachers and two companions, crossing a street. City atmosphere, children and some bird calls.

- Diesel locomotive stopped (0:40)

A diesel locomotive stopped engine (Chartres train station)

- Great page that turns 1 (0:02)

Page of a book (grimoire or journal) that is turned slowly. Great page.

- Great page that turns 1 (0:02)

Page of a book (grimoire or journal) that is turned slowly. Great page.

- Medium chain 2 (0:02)

An average noise metal chain that is moving.

- Heavy chain (0:04)

Sound of a heavy chain that is moving.

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