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- Horses (0:17)

Learn how to make sound effects not a horse www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_56

- Barking dogs (0:07)

barking dogs.

- Breath horse 3 (0:01)

Breath horse

- Breath of a horse 1 (0:01)

Breath of a horse.

- Neighing of a horse 1 (0:02)

Neighing of a horse (x1)

- Song of rooster (0:02)

Crowing of a rooster (x1)

- Henhouse (0:17)

Noise henhouse. Several chickens squawking.

- Motorcycle (0:13)

Starting a motorcycle, some accelerations and motor extinction.

- Bleating goat 2 (0:01)

Bleating goat.

- Bleating goat 1 (0:01)

Bleating of a goat.

- Passing tram (0:13)

Passing tram

- Train horn (0:02)

Powerful train horn

- Ducks (0:21)

Several cries of ducks.

- Bell bike 2 (0:01)

Bell bike.

- Wine stopper (0:01)

Same sound effects as No. 0273 but only the sound of the plug without the firing cap.

- Firing cap and cap (0:04)

Grinding a shot stopper and a noise stopper wine bottle cork that "jumps".

- Fire alarm: communities 2 (0:01)

Fire alarm that typically found in communities (high schools, colleges, centers, etc.).

- Fire alarm: communities 1 (0:02)

Fire alarm that typically found in communities (high schools, colleges, centers, etc.).

- Sea waves and seagulls (0:57)

Sea waves medium and a few cries of seagulls swirl, dull roar of the sea beyond.

- Sea: waves (0:57)

Sea: moderate waves, swirls, dull roar of the sea beyond.

- Beach: small waves (0:57)

Beach: small waves, eddies, deaf roar of the sea in the distance.

- Helicopter 2 (0:05)

Noise of a helicopter. Recording from outside. Wind noise in the paddles. Acute and powerful sound. Sound is difficult loopable.

- Helicopter 1 (0:08)

Noise of a helicopter. Recording from inside. Wind noise in the paddles. Low and muffled. Sound is difficult loopable.

- Horn of a ship 2 (0:07)

Horn used by cruise ships

- Horn of a ship 1 (0:08)

Horn used by cruise ships

- Car horn 4 (0:01)

Car horn noise recently.

- Recent car horn 3 (0:01)

Horn sounds of recent car.

- Recent car horn 2 (0:01)

Car horn noise recently.

- Old car horn 3 (0:01)

Its an old car horn.

- Old car horn 2 (0:01)

Sound of a old car horn.

- Ringing landline 2 (0:02)

Ringing of a phone.

- Ringing landline 1 (0:02)

Ringing a landline.

- Tin can 4 (0:02)

Sound of a tin can falling on the ground.

- Tin can 3 (0:02)

Noise of a tin which would drop to the ground.

- Tin 1 (0:02)

Sound of a tin that would drop on the floor.

- Water: swirls and flow (0:05)

Swirls and flow of water. Few drops.

- Heartbeat 2 (0:01)

One heartbeat. Make the sound effects of a heartbeat: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_100

- Heartbeat 1 (0:01)

One heartbeat, acute and very dynamic, very dry. Learn how to make the sound effects of a heartbeat: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_100

- Burps (0:04)

3 burps, a long, one short and one long.

- Flatulence 3 (0:01)


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