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- Crying baby (2:11)

Crying baby.

- Baby amused 2 (0:15)

Cries of a baby who is amused.

- Baby amused 1 (0:20)

Cries of a amused baby.

- Sparkling water (0:14)

Sparkling water (Badoit) in a glass.

- Computer keyboard (0:30)

Sound of a keyboard desktop.

- Hiss of steam train 2 (0:07)

Hiss of steam train.

- Hiss of steam train 1 (0:04)

Hiss of steam train

- Whistling train 2 (0:06)

Whistling train.

- Whistling train 1 (0:03)

Whistling train.

- Door slamming 2 (0:03)

Door slamming.

- Awakening birds (2:54)

Awakening of the birds in the morning of 1 March (winter) at 7:30 in the country (France, Dep. 28). Pigeons, doves, sparrows, chickens, etc..

- Small waterfall 2 (0:45)

Recorded a few meters above a small mountain waterfall. Similar to the number 0213.

- Heart beat (0:08)

Beating heart (x10). There is a slight background noise

- Glass of champagne on a table (0:33)

Glass of champagne lying on a wooden table (x12)

- Bottle on a table (0:27)

Glass bottle on a table (x11)

- Car micheline (2:07)

Inside an old car micheline.

- Champagne cork 1 (0:03)

Champagne cork jumping (x2)

- On snow (0:38)

Learn how to make the sound effects of footsteps in the snow: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_43

- Cough average (0:34)

Cough average of man (x14)

- Large spring (0:52)

8 noise from a large spring tension.

- Water flow 2 (0:20)

Water flow in a pipe at the time of bath emptying.

- Water flow 1 (0:20)

Water flow in a pipe at the time of bath emptying.

- Wooden whistle (one note) (0:26)

Wooden whistle producing only a single note. Different ways and different rhythms of breath.

- The music box Temps Des Cerises (0:17)

Small music box mechanism playing "Time of Cherries"

- Coins 2 (0:42)

45 coins falling into a small terracotta pot

- Coins 1 (0:25)

13 coins falling on a floor.

- Car (starting and departure) (0:24)

Starting a car and start thereof. Car: Citroen Saxo 1.1

- Car (reverse and stop) (0:22)

Car in reverse. It slows and stops the engine. Car: Citroen Saxo 1.1

- Rat nibbling (0:35)

A rat nibbling a cereal. This is the recording of a real pet rat and not a sound effect.

- Kisses (0:07)

Small dry kisses of woman (x7).

- Mobile key (0:12)

Noise keys of a mobile (x11). Means the support and release the button. The phone is a Sagem myX2.

- Fill bathtub (2:44)

Filling a bathtub. The valve delivers a variable rate.

- Electronic alarm (buzzer) 3 (0:06)

Electronic alarm signal (x10)

- Alarm semi mechanical (0:47)

Alarm signal electronics, mechanical mechanism. 3 level ringing, noise of the second hand before and after the alarm

- Woman takes a shower (0:52)

A woman takes a shower in a bathtub, the shower head is moving through a flexible.

- Man snoring (0:49)

13 snoring of a sleeping man. Easily loopable.

- No man on the wooden floor (0:08)

No man on the wooden floor (x13)

- Turned page (0:01)

Page of a book being turned.

- Straw broom (0:11)

Someone who spends a straw broom.

- Doorbell 3 (0:03)

Electronic doorbell of a house

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