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- Timer (0:32)

A kitchen or bomb timer. Ring.

- Cat meow made with mouth (0:27)

Some cat meows made with the mouth.

- Carbon monoxide detector (0:03)

Two series of 4 beeps an alarm of a domestic carbon monoxide detector.

- Moo Box (0:37)

Box moo we turns and returns to mimic (moderately) the lowing of a cow.

- Rattle (0:28)

Idiophone noise.

- Castanets (simple) (0:35)

Sounds of castanets.

- Castanets (double) (0:53)

Sounds of castanets.

- Glockenspiel (0:19)

Slipped down on a glockenspiel.

- Firecrackers (0:13)

5 firecrackers of Christmas to operate with hands.

- Electric shutter midsize (0:00)

Sound of electric shutter of medium size. From inside the house.

- 1 minute of silence (1:00)

A minute of silence for the victims. This file is a bit of a joke, but its good to think of different victims in the world, human or not.

- Barking dog (0:03)

Big dog barking at 2 meters from the stereo microphone.

- Slightly agitated sea (2:12)

Slightly agitated sea, shingle falling, laughter and voices.

- Cranes of site (2:08)

Cranes that crushes chunks of concrete.

- Fountain of a Japanese temple (1:01)

Sound of water from a fountain in a Japanese temple, used to purify hands.

- Campaign morning (2:48)

The campaign in the morning. Wind, birds...

- Campaign afternoon (2:30)

Country atmosphere in the afternoon. Wind, birds, airplanes...

- Crossroads in Japan (3:03)

Atmosphere at a crossroads in Utsunomiya, Japan. Cars, traffic lights, bicycles ...

- Bus stop in Japan (2:40)

A bus stop in Utsunomiya, Japan. Engines, ads, doors, avenue.

- Wind in tall grass (1:25)

Sound of wind in the tall grass of a field.

- Wind in shrub (3:00)

Sound of wind in a shrub in the countryside.

- 2 motorcycle passing (0:09)

Two motorcycle passing quickly on a road.

- Forest: On the edge (6:00)

Forest atmosphere recorded near woods. Birds, wind, noise, etc.

- Forest: Wind in the trees (3:38)

The microphones are directed to the sky, to the trees in the forest of Rambouiller (France).

- Meow (0:18)

Mewing of a cat. This is a cat that meows not like that. There, he groans as he saw an enemy cat.

- Manual winch 2 (0:17)

Action on the crank of a manual winch.

- Manual winch 1 (0:08)

Action on the crank of a manual winch.

- Train passes (0:20)

Train passing before me. He is small. He passes slowly as it stops nearby.

- Bell of a level crossing (0:03)

Ring on a level crossing.

- Campaign 2 (1:12)

Campaign soundscape: rumor and birds singing.

- Bell (0:18)

Medium bell at the entrance of a garden.

- Ford Courier Engine (0:17)

Engine of a Ford Courier.

- Small cultivator (0:48)

Small tiller with a gasoline engine. Start, plowing and stop.

- Four month old baby babbles (4:10)

A four month old baby slowly starts to chirp.

- Three month old baby babbles (0:48)

A three month old baby slowly starts to chirp.

- Motocross circuit (2:27)

Motorcycles on a cross circuit.

- Siren french Gendarmerie inside (0:18)

Two-tone siren of the French Gendarmerie, recorded inside the vehicle.

- Siren french Gendarmerie outside (0:20)

Two-tone siren of the French Gendarmerie, recorded outside the vehicle.

- Small cement mixer (0:33)

Small thermal cement mixer.

- Starting a motorcycle (0:47)

Starting a Ducati Granturismo motorcycle and departure and remoteness.

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