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- Siren french Gendarmerie inside (0:18)

Two-tone siren of the French Gendarmerie, recorded inside the vehicle.

- Siren french Gendarmerie outside (0:20)

Two-tone siren of the French Gendarmerie, recorded outside the vehicle.

- Small cement mixer (0:33)

Small thermal cement mixer.

- Starting a motorcycle (0:47)

Starting a Ducati Granturismo motorcycle and departure and remoteness.

- 2 months baby crying (2:35)

2 months baby crying.

- Steps in the frozen grass (0:28)

Several steps in the frozen grass.

- 1 month baby crying (1:29)

One month baby crying

- Dwarf goat bleating (0:11)

A dwarf goat bleating because she is hungry.

- Squeaker toy 2 (0:15)

Toy for baby. This noise is also common in toys for dogs.

- Wine plastic cap (0:02)

The plastic cap of a bottle of white wine which is opened with a metal cap shot.

- 12 days baby crying 2 (0:32)

This baby has only 12 days and he is hungry.

- 12 days baby crying 1 (0:58)

This baby has only 12 days and he is hungry.

- Baby breastfeeds (0:50)

A 9 days baby suckling the breast of its mother.

- Motherhood : Corridor (2:28)

Atmosphere in a corridor of a hospital maternity ward.

- 1 day baby crying (0:13)

1 day infant crying.

- Car: Difficult start (0:45)

Hard starting a car. Is a Peugeot 106.

- Small dam (1:09)

Small mill dam on a river.

- Country town 2 (1:51)

Atmosphere of a country town. River, birds, road, train.

- Country town 1 (2:24)

Atmosphere of a country town. Rooster, bird, road in the distance.

- 2 dogs barking (0:30)

A small and a medium dog barking behind a gate.

- Slide projector (1:35)

Sound of a slide projector.

- Farts (0:19)

Several farts imitated with the technique of hands under an armpit.

- Creaking of wicker (0:41)

Creaking of a wicker basket.

- Brooklet (1:24)

Small stream.

- Horse neighing 3 (0:03)

One horse neighing.

- Horse eats carrot (0:24)

Horse eats pieces of carrot in my hand. Breathing sounds.

- Two helicopters flying (1:01)

Two helicopter flying over me. A bird cry at the beginning of the sound.

- Horse coughing (0:08)

Horse coughing 5 times.

- Neighing horse 2 (0:08)

Horse neighing 3 times.

- Grinding plastic wheel (0:48)

Creaking of a plastic wheel of a drawer bed.

- Metal grinding 2 (0:30)

Metal grating of an oven door.

- Small air compressor (0:33)

Charging a small air compressor.

- Steps in the long grass (0:25)

Several steps in the long grass.

- Steps in the short grass (0:30)

Several steps in the short grass.

- Grinder (230mm) (0:35)

3 using of AEG grinder 230 mm in diameter. I cut a concrete slab.

- Grinder (230mm), long using (1:15)

Long using a AEG grinder 230 mm in diameter. I cut a concrete slab.

- Grinder (230mm), short using (0:25)

Short using a AEG grinder 230 mm in diameter. I cut a concrete slab.

- Recent car horn 5 (0:07)

3 horns of a Peugeot 106.

- Car in reverse 3 (0:33)

Starting the engine. Long walk back Peugeot 106. Engine stop.

- Car in reverse 2 (0:19)

Starting the engine. Average walk back Peugeot 106. Engine stop.

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