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- Intermission at the Palace Theater (2:44)

Intermission during the performance of Singing in the Rain at the Palace Theater in London.

- London Street (2:37)

London street. In front of the Palace Theater.

- Chinese New Year on a street in London (2:51)

A group of musicians and dancers. A street in London. Chinese New Year celebration.

- King's Cross St. Pancras Station (London) (2:39)

Soundscape in Station King's Cross St. Pancras.

- Dock Station King's Cross St. Pancras (London) (1:08)

Soundscape on the station platform at King's Cross St Pancras. Passengers off the train.

- Eurostar toilet (2:40)

Soundscape in a Eurostar toilet.

- Eurostar car in a tunnel (3:35)

Soundscape in a Eurostar car in the Channel Tunnel.

- Eurostar car (1:16)

Soundscape in a Eurostar car.

- Gare du Nord (Paris) (3:58)

Atmosphere in the Gare du Nord. It's 8:00, I expect from England by Eurostar.

- Metal Slinky (0:11)

Toy: A metal Slinky (also called Ondamania).

- Roadworks 2 (1:54)

Small steamroller engine. Sounds of shovels and brooms. Backhoe engine. Workers. Beeps back.

- Roadworks 1 (1:13)

Truck engine. Small backhoe. Sounds of shovels. Backhoe engine. Workers. Beeps back.

- Plastic cup falling (0:39)

plastic cup falling on the ground.

- Velcro tape (0:18)

Sound of a Velcro fastener

- Plastic tube (0:01)

A plastic tube falls to the ground

- Cup on a table (0:02)

Bouncing a cup on a table

- Zip 5 (0:04)

Sound of a zipper.

- Strong wind in a village (1:30)

Strong wind in a village. Different sounds.

- Restaurant (1:30)

Soundscape in a pizzeria. It is a "Pizza del Arte" in France.

- Stir concrete with a trowel (0:03)

Stir concrete with a trowel

- Spring handle electric fence (0:37)

Spring handle electric fence. In a meadow.

- Night after rain (1:07)

Soundscape. Night after the rain. In winter. Rumor and road.

- Horse eats in a bucket (0:39)

A horse eats flaked in a plastic bucket.

- Medium chain (0:43)

Manipulation of a medium chain

- Toc-toc on car window (0:22)

Hands typing on a car window

- Grinding doorknob (0:19)

Creaking metal doorknob.

- Creaking metallic door (1:22)

Much gnashing of metal door

- Small chain 5 (0:32)

Manipulation of a small chain

- Star Wars Blaster (0:13)

Sound of Blaster shots in the Star Wars movie (x14). Learn how to make this sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_124

- Pen click (0:14)

Click of a ballpoint pen

- Small dog barking (0:47)

Barking of a dog. Mudi breed.

- Horse gallop (0:12)

Horse gallop on ground. Dirt or concrete. Its made with this technique Foley: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_56

- Horse trotting (0:13)

Horse trotting on ground. Dirt or concrete. Its made with this technique Foley: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_56

- A man sneezing (0:09)

A man sneezes. x7.

- Street and Roads (2:06)

Sound environment of several streets and roads: a crossroads.

- Water flowing down a sewer (0:37)

Water flowing into a sewer

- Step (shoe on stone staircase) (0:26)

Steps of shoes on a stone staircase.

- Gnashing (0:07)

Grinding of a door spring.

- Underground parking (4:46)

Soundscape in the underground parking of Chartres (France). Some screeching tires.

- 75 cm3 motorcycle acceleration (0:07)

Acceleration of a motorcycle 75 cm3. In the street.

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