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- Carbon monoxide detector (0:03)

Two series of 4 beeps an alarm of a domestic carbon monoxide detector.

- Interference with a mobile phone 2 (0:13)

Noise made by a speaker when you put a mobile phone near the amplifier.

- Electronic device beeps (0:15)

There is a coating thickness gauges. A ElektroPhysik MiniTest 720. On, Off.

- Beeps of digital code (0:01)

Beeps an immobilizer security code of a car.

- Roadworks 2 (1:54)

Small steamroller engine. Sounds of shovels and brooms. Backhoe engine. Workers. Beeps back.

- Roadworks 1 (1:13)

Truck engine. Small backhoe. Sounds of shovels. Backhoe engine. Workers. Beeps back.

- Interference with a mobile phone (0:16)

Noise made by a speaker when you put a mobile phone near the amplifier.

- Electrocardiogram 60 Hz (0:09)

An electrocardiogram beep when the heart beats at 60 Hz Or 60 beats per minute. The resting heart rate is 60 to 80 beats per minute. Learn how to make the sound effects of a heartbeat: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_100

- Censor beep (0:01)

Beep that are commonly used for censorship

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