7 results

- Impact wrench 2 (0:13)

Several impact wrench noises.

- Impact wrench 1 (0:09)

Several impact wrench noises.

- Short welds (0:09)

Short welds carried with a welding machine "Mig Mag" by Stanley.

- Long welding 2 (0:15)

Long welding carried with a welding machine "Mig Mag" by Stanley.

- Long welding 1 (0:20)

Long welding carried with a welding machine "Mig Mag" by Stanley.

- Cooking pan and water (5:33)

Cooking pan and water.

- Electric shock (0:30)

Electrical shock that emits a speaker when plugged into the same circuit as other equipment that turns and turns off. Hears back, very light breath of the speaker itself.

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