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- Warning tone phone (0:19)

Ring and vibrate alert a Nokia 6300 mobile phone placed in the hand.

- French dial tone : Call (0:24)

French dial tone. 440 Hz.

- French dial tone (0:03)

French dial tone. 440 Hz.

- Phone ringing "Message 1" (0:02)

Phone ringing "Message 1" on a Nokia 6300.

- Phone ringing "Polaris" (0:02)

Phone ringing "Polaris" on a Nokia 6300.

- Phone ringing "Peal" (0:03)

Phone ringing "Peal" on a Nokia 6300.

- Phone ringing "Nokia Tune" (0:04)

Phone ringing "Nokia Tune" on a Nokia 6300.

- Phone ringing "Electronic" (0:02)

Phone ringing "Electronic" on a Nokia 6300.

- Phone ringing "Cycle" (0:04)

Phone ringing "Cycle" on a Nokia 6300.

- Nokia 6300 buzzer in one hand (0:04)

Noise is a Nokia 6300 buzzer when it is in hand.

- Ringing landline 2 (0:02)

Ringing of a phone.

- Ringing landline 1 (0:02)

Ringing a landline.

- Mobile key (0:12)

Noise keys of a mobile (x11). Means the support and release the button. The phone is a Sagem myX2.

- Landline (Ringtone) (0:17)

Ringing phone (x4)

- Mobile phone (vibrator) 2 (0:09)

Mobile phone (Sagem MyX-2): Vibrate on a wooden table (x2)

- Mobile phone (vibrator) 1 (0:06)

Mobile phone (Sagem MyX-2): Vibrate on carpet (x2)

- Dial phone (0:26)

Old phone: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 numbering

- Dial phone (0:26)

Old phone: ring (x3), stall (x1), hangup (x1)

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