8 results

- Broken glass (0:08)

Broken glass. Foley made with this technique cinema sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_135

- Recycling bin glass (1:11)

Bottle into a recycling bin.

- Plastic cup falling (0:39)

plastic cup falling on the ground.

- Clinking of bottles (0:21)

Two bottles of wine glass between shock.

- Tinkling of glass (Toast) (0:47)

Water goblet full of water tinted with a knife. Gesture is done before making discourses, to speak or make a toast.

- Handmade dishes (2:01)

My mom does the dishes in hands.

- Glass of champagne on a table (0:33)

Glass of champagne lying on a wooden table (x12)

- Bottle on a table (0:27)

Glass bottle on a table (x11)

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