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Watch my show "The Foley Artist's Laboratory"

In each episode, I reveal a foley artist's secret.

The episodes are in French, my native language, but sometimes subtitled and otherwise easy to understand.

To see all the episodes, follow this link >
More about this website

My name is Joseph SARDIN, I'm French. My hobby is making sound. I do it for pleasure.

Founded in 2005, my first soundbank needed a facelift. With this first experience, was born in January 2013.

To attract more visitors from around the world, this new sound library has been completely redesigned in the English language and with an address easier to remember for English speakers.

BigSoundBank offers a wide range of noises, sounds and soundscapes of exceptional quality. They are downloadable in wav format, bwf, aiff, mp3 and ogg. These files are free and completely royalty free for all uses.

This website is completely free. Support it!

In the hope that you find what you're looking for, I remain at your disposal for any suggestions.

Enjoy your visit,


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