- Damaged muffler 3 (Moving car)

Descrition: A car with a damaged muffler. Parked car. Starting the engine. Moving car. Stopping the engine.

Type: One sound
Channels: Mono - Mono : Is single-channel. Typically there is only one microphone, one loudspeaker.
- Stereo : Is a method of sound reproduction that creates an illusion of directionality and audible perspective.

Duration: 0:48
Sampling rate: 48 000 Hz Sampling rate : Defines the number of samples per seconds taken from a continuous signal to make a discrete signal. The unit for sampling rate is hertz.

- 44,100 Hz : CD Audio quality.
- 48,000 Hz : The standard used by professional digital video equipment such as tape recorders, video servers, vision mixers and so on.
- 96,000 Hz : DVD-Audio, some LPCM DVD tracks, BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc) audio tracks, HD DVD (High-Definition DVD) audio tracks.

Bit depth: 16 Bits Bit depth : In digital audio, bit depth describes the number of bits of information recorded for each sample.

- 16 bits : CD quality audio. A standard used by media professionals.
- 24 bits : DVD-Audio, which can support up to 24-bit audio.

Recording conditions: Outdoor Environmental conditions of sound recording :

- Studio : Created in a recording studio. The sound must be very clean.
- Indoor : Created indoors. It is not a recording studio. The sound may contain polutions.
- Outdoor : Created outdoor. The sound may contain polutions.
- Line : Recorded from the line output of a device.
- Computer : Created entirely on computer

Technical requirements for sound recording:

- ORTF : is a microphone technique used to record stereo sound.
- AB : is a microphone technique used to record stereo sound.
- XY : is a microphone technique used to record stereo sound.

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Tags: car, voiture, auto, automobile, engine, moteur, motor, start, stop, stopping, starting, muffler, damage, damaged, pot, echappement, parked, vehicule, acceleration, moving, roule, rouler, avance, sound, noise

Uploaded: 09 April 2013
Sound number: 0678


- Car: Difficult start (0:45)

Hard starting a car. Is a Peugeot 106.

- Damaged muffler 2 (Moving car) (1:12)

A car with a damaged muffler. Parked car. Starting the engine. Moving car. Stopping the engine.

- AC cobra engine (0:25)

Motor starting AC Cobra 427 and extinction. Emmanuel car: www.libertivi.com/mecaniquesdantan_105

- Motocross circuit (2:27)

Motorcycles on a cross circuit.

- Car engine 2 (0:06)

Motor car : accelerations

- Ford Courier Engine (0:17)

Engine of a Ford Courier.

- The SNCF Jingle 1 (0:04)

A faithful reproduction of the SNCF jingle that you hear on the stations before the ads.

- Broken glass (0:08)

Broken glass. Foley made with this technique cinema sound effects: www.libertivi.com/lelabodubruiteur_135

- Horse neighing 3 (0:03)

One horse neighing.

- Shot in .357 Magnum (9mm) (0:03)

A single shot of .357 Magnum. fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/.357_Magnum

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